Nick, originally from Westchester NY, owns and operates his photography business Bucci Professional out of Burlington VT. Office Squared is excited to be partnering with him to showcase some of his favorite photographs for viewing and for sale.

"My photography gained immense importance to me and the people around me during my travels through Europe in the spring/summer of 2014. When I traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world such as Italy, Greece, Scotland, Croatia, France, I became extremely critical of my own work to ensure that I was capturing once in a lifetime moments before they disappeared, as they felt to me, not necessarily how they were in reality. Anybody with a good camera can point it, shoot it, and show you what a scene, landscape, or person looked like at a point in time. What few people can do, is make you feel inspired, anxious, present, challenged, content, perplexed, or even loved, by showing you a photograph they took. I am one of those people, and this is the skill that I have been developing for over six years."